Is there an island-hopping cheat code?

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AuthorTopic: Is there an island-hopping cheat code?
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It'd save quite a few clicks and a lot of hassle. Btw, I always wondered why you couldn't just "zap" through islands like you could through cleared areas (at least where the islands are on the same map), even though the boats never "move" when you use them.

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I believe the answer to this is "no."
As to the skipping from island to island, this has been talked about in another thread -- to paraphrase, it's a trade-off between the nice realism of actually traveling from island to island and preseving this as a difference between G3 and its predecessors (why else have it be island-based?) and the inconvenience of having to traipse across the island every time you want to return to earlier isles.
Personally, I like the preservation of the island 'feel' -- it only takes a minute or two of your life to cross back, and you don't have to do it with any great frequency.

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Well, if you use the "exitzone" cheat in a dungeon level (like Inner Keep, Clawbug Lair, etc) you'll go back to South End on the first island.

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I learned that the hard way while on the Isle of Spears. Took many boats to get back to where I wanted to be.
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