7 Creation Party

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AuthorTopic: 7 Creation Party
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I was thinking....
I know that GF1&2 have a max type creation limit of 4, and GF3 a 6, (Well 4 if you take AL and Greta), BOO. Anyway, I was just wondering, if I could have a group with 7 different creations, what would I take? (Including the level four creations)I was just wondering what others would do.

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7 Eyebeasts. You could walk into a town kill everyone in it , and not lose a single health point. Of course, this would take a MASSIVE amount of essence.

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I prefer two (sometimes three) stronger creations rather than seven weaker ones.

After playing Avernum I started using my own magic more than wands, and I like being able to do things like unlock doors without living tools. Seven creations might look impressive, but they tend to be weak, and consume a ton of essence.
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I am guessing you want 7 creations of different types, not counting G3 NPCs. My party would probably include:
the 1st Fyora I've made (kept for centimental value)
a leveled-up Cryoa that's been with me from early game
a leveled-up Thahd that's been with me from early game
an invinsible Thahd Shade (Thahd Shade with a lot of extra dexterity.)
and 3 of the best creatures I could make, eventually ending up with an Ur-Drakon, a Rotzion, and an Eye-Beast.

This wouldn't be the best possible party, but it's the best I could do with the restrictions of keeping at most 1 creature of each type and having all 7 slots filled.

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All I have is a really powerful Eyebeast that stuns everything in sight so that Alwan and my Shaper can kill them easily. Why bother with more crations? Speed and extra action points combined with Quick Action can give shapers 6 attacks!

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Eyebeasts are, arguably, the most powerful creations.

For lower levels, I'm very fond of Glaahks. If you can't produce the essence for much more powerful creations, make Glaahks.

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