Keeping your old pets around (GF2)

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AuthorTopic: Keeping your old pets around (GF2)
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Im playing geneforge2 (actually, ive been playing for a while, so NO comment) and im playing a shaper (Always do). Anyway, through the tutorial, ive been going alone, (1 Creation XP penalty early hurts a LOT, 120-96). Ok, got to drypeak, did some "Creative shopthrifting" "Conduct of shady business practices" and some other "Creative" Ways to "Salvage" 280 GP. Anyway, managed to get a cryoa before leaving drypeak. Anyway, I know cryoas are pretty awesome, Esp early game, but later on, should I really keep him around? I mean, ive heard that some of the other creations (Like Drayks) are pretty awesome, and I can only take 4 types....

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A cryoa that I kept from the start of the game (made it the same way you did) was half as strong as Dryak for about 1/10th of the cost by the time I could get Dryaks. Eventually I did get rid of it because of the 4 creature types limit (I had more essence than I knew what to do with by that point), but a pair of cryoas (along with some periodically-replaced creations) served me well for most of the game. I didn't even invest any additional essence into them, so all stat gain came from level-up.

And a note about XP: the penalty is much smaller than the gain for other creations. (You lose about 20%, while your creations gain 100%.) Also, the higher your level, the less experience you get from killing same monsters and doing most quests, so there isn't much advantage in not making extra creations.

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