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AuthorTopic: Poll without a poll: survivors
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Polling is disabled in this forum, so I can only raise the question.

Which survivors from G2 do people expect to see in G3?

I bet Learned Pinner won't make it: she's too old.
Same for Learned Darian, I think -- though perhaps if Darian is clever enough to make the Emerald Chestguard, extreme longevity is also possible.

I bet Tuldaric is presumed not to have been killed by the player in G2, and to have been brilliant enough to escape and hole up somewhere as a mad rebel genius summoning demons full time.

I doubt Barzahl makes it, but perhaps the Barzite canister-maker (I forget his name) stole away somewhere with the knowledge of how to make canisters.

I wouldn't be surprised if Sharon turns up, her life having been reluctantly spared by the Shapers because they needed her expertise, but forced to work in a secret complex for the rest of her days, far from the peace of her beloved gamma-infested garden.

There has to be a Taker or two who survived, to tend or explain their mysterious final creature. Maybe Syros, as a mad old coot of a drayk, hiding in some hole. Or maybe one of the younger serviles.

And how about an intelligent Rotghroth from one of the labs? They never talked in G2, so that might be an interesting change.

It would be cool if the Augmented Drayk somehow survived as a fanatical Anti-Taker leader ... but really it was too passive to do anything but hide.

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I'm putting my money on Sharon to come back and use the Geneforge to take over the world.

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I would like to see what the creature behind the big door is. Not that it is actually a character, but still.
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I hope we encounter Trajkov's ghost, scouring the moors howling like a banshee with a belly-ache.

It would be neat if more of the Sholai show up. I put no preference on their life state: dead, undead, it'll still be fun!

EDIT: Oops. None of these people were in Geneforge 2. Ah well, I won't hold that against them and would still let 'em into 3.

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Polls should be available now.

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In my opinion i think the creature behind the big door is the green creature from the first GF3 screenshots.

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I would really like the return of a human-usable Geneforge machine. In the first game I without hesistation tricked Trajkov and used the gloves myself. I really missed that extreme powerjolt in the second game.

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I'd sure love to find out what's behind that door.

I'd like to see the Scholai making a return.

I'd like to find out a little more about the repercussion of that old war that happened when the ancestors of the Shapers went insane with the power they had "mastered" (?)


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