Copying towns?

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AuthorTopic: Copying towns?
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After a certain event, one of my towns is completely changed except for the terrain layout. To avoid having to painstakingly replace every piece of terrain and flooring, is there any way to make quick copies of a town?
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There are a couple of ways: One it to use the import feature (Scenaio > Import Town). Create a new town and then use the import feature to import the town that you want to duplicate over the new, empty town. If you're using Windows or the old Mac 3D editor, the towns must be the same size.
Also, if you're using a Mac and my version of the editor, you can use the copy and paste tools to copy all of the terrains, floor, and heights, then paste them into a new town of the same size.

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Alright thanks. I saw the import towns option but I was afraid to try it, however it worked just fine.
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I usually back up my scenario before I use delete or import town, partly because I'm afraid the editor itself will screw up and partly because I'm afraid I'll write over the wrong town. And I always back up before using the expand outdoors feature in the 3d editor, I've had bad experiences with that.

Import/delete town has never messed up on me though, so it's safe. Just don't import over the wrong town-- that I have done, and it sucks if you don't have a backup.

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