Has anyone ever tried...

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AuthorTopic: Has anyone ever tried...
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A decent text editor can count line numbers for you.

Note that when BoA counts line numbers it only counts the actual number of line breaks, so you have to turn off line wrapping in your text editor before counting.

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Be sure to check out the relevant resources, too. Alint is a good thing, and my links list has some good stuff, including Spidweb's bugs page, which has a note or two about line number problems.

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Originally by Blake81
The BoA only say:Missing semicolon in line 216.I EVER have to go 1,2,3,4... and when I reach to the problem sometimes is not there.
If you're using BBEdit, there is a nifty "Go to line" feature in the search menu, or just press command and J. I suggest you create the scenario on a Macintosh if you aren't already. Macs are easier to use and have better word processors. Even Spiderweb Software does the Mac versions first.

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Notepad has the same feature. Just press
"ctrl + G."
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Im still working it out,but is my first scenario so,I don't do to much dificult stuff and when a script don't work I try to remember an original scenario than have this function,I go to the script and I copy the section of it what I want to the mine.Easily done.The 95% of my scripts were created in that way,because that you would probably find unused strings of other scenarios in my scripts

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Hey, there's no shame in that. I remember doing that for most of my first scenario, too.

Again, I look forward to the release of your scenario.

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Before relase it I need to finish it there are two towns that I not completed yet,It should be ready for beta testing in a month or two.

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