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AuthorTopic: Bug fixing and Beta call
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Hello. I've almost completed coding a chess program which works within a BoA scenario. It allows two people to play a head to head game (sorry, I'm not yet brave enough to attempt an AI opponent) by entering in coordinates to select pieces and their targets. It's not an ideal setting for a chess program, but I did it mainly for the challenge and to see if it could be done.

The pieces themselves are BoA characters, and currently I have a team of Humans vs Vahnatai, although other creature types could be used as long as the creature numbers remain the same. The final version will include a full compliment of different attack types including spells and bows (ranged attacks work best as the pieces may not always attack adjacent enemies).

An example of play:

Anyway, to get to the point, I need help to finish this before the contest deadline, and have run into a few scripting problems associated with maneuvers to get out of check. I'll go into details with testers. Basically, I'm stumped and running out of free time.

To all who apply: this is no simple beta test - I need people to test it and experience the bugs, then look at the code and propose/code solutions. On the bright side, you'll get credit for collaboration. Just post your email address and I'll send you the scenario file.

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On the one hand, I have a fair bit of homework due for next week, not to mention beta testing the Windows Dialog Editor. On the other hand, I do have Monday and Tuesday off. So if you can't find anyone else to test for you (or don't mind sending out betas that might not get done), send it to 'dintiradan(at)yahoo(dot)ca'.

Also, see this on chess AI. There's a huge list of engines, and it's possible that one of the engines is simple enough to translate into AvernumScript.

EDIT: Clarification.

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I'll take a look at it.

I can't be sure how much I can help with the bugs until I see them. I do, however, have some ideas for game interface that it doesn't look like you're using.

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Ok, it's a bit rough around the edges, but the files have been sent out.

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