turn_on_debug_mode( )

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AuthorTopic: turn_on_debug_mode( )
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Using this call anywhere in the code throws an unrecognised command error. Searched the forums, but unfortunately didn't find the soultion, though a few posts regarding the problem. Surely, there has to be a solution to it. Could someone please help me out?

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Er, yes, this is a recognized bug, and Spiderweb, as they noted on their bugs page, made a special testing app in order to fix it. It used to be hosted on the page that they link to. I can't find it, though; they may have taken it down.

I've never used debug mode, personally. I just use god parties.

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Yes. It seems to have been taken down. Am still finding it hard to believe that one can't use the debug mode! Will have to work around it. I needed the call to change sdfs. I guess I have to use the character editor for that.

Anyway, thanks for the help.
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I have never used the debug mode either; but there are easier ways than the character editor to set sdfs. What I have found is that generally I wanted to set several sdf's to a particular set of values all at once; for instance, so that once I've tested and I'm sure that a quest works, I want to set all the flags as if I had done it, so that I don't have to do it over and over to test the next bit of the scenario. To that end, I made an item which when used presents a text entry box, and when you enter a number code into it, sets a group of flags to pedefined values. I then put the item right next to where the party starts, (I'll remove it in the final version of course.) and when I enter the scenario again, all I have to do is use this wand a couple of times and skip the first half of the scenario. Depending on what you want to set sdf's for, I think that this method might help.

EDIT: Thought I would post the code for that:
The item definition:
begindefineitem 451;
it_name = "Wand of Debug";
it_full_name = "Wand of Debug";
it_inventory_icon = 8;
it_floor_which_sheet = 1045;
it_floor_which_icon = 9;
it_variety = 21;
it_ability_1 = 207;
it_ability_str_1 = 28;
it_identified = 1;
it_magic = 1;
and the state the item calls:
beginstate 28; //Wand of debug
add_dialog_str(0,"A=All, 1=Camp Placing, 2=put base camp in clearing, 3=Visiting Village and Manor, 4=Notebook Quest, 5=1st Crystal Quest, 6=2nd Crystal Quest, Z=set off attack",0);
x = run_dialog(0);
if(x == 2)
get_text_response("A or 1-6; other gives list");
y = 0;
y = 100;
y = 1;
y = 2;
y = 3;
//more checking for text matches, but I think you get the point

if((y == 1) || (y == 100)){
//set a bunch of flags
if((y == 2) || (y == 100)){
//set a bunch of flags
if((y == 3) || (y == 100)){
//set a bunch of flags
if((y == 4) || (y == 100)){
//set a bunch of flags
if((y == 5) || (y == 100)){
//set a bunch of flags
if((y == 6) || (y == 100)){
if(y == 100)

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The latest version of BoA should work - I used debug_mode recently, and I'm not running anything special.

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