Can you explain what the difference between LOAD_SCEN and START_SCEN states?

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AuthorTopic: Can you explain what the difference between LOAD_SCEN and START_SCEN states?
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I am somewhat confused about these two states in the scenario script. They are apparently both called once, at the very beginning ,although I am not too sure what the conceptual difference is between the two?

And apparently, unless you want to print a string right at the very beginning of the scenario you wouldn't use these states to put in calls that are executed at some time greater than zero.

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You know how you load a saved game? That's when the LOAD_SCEN_STATE is called. It can be called many times (depending on how many times during the course of a scenario you reload).

The START_SCEN_STATE is called only once, when you start the scenario.

Also, one does not often use print_str in either of those places, although one probably could. Other calls go there. Check released scenarios to see which ones.

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The START_SCEN_STATE is what you use for any things that you only want to do at the start of the scenario. In general, the only things you want to put in the LOAD_SCEN_STATE are things which the documentation tells you to put there.

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