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AuthorTopic: My humble script database
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I made a page on my website on which you can find all my "custom" scripts. Go to my webpage (points at sig) and simply click at the mosty recent entry on the news ppage (located on the homepage). from there its all quite straight forward.

However, the script don't seem to simply download to your hard disk, but the browser open then as an html file. Now this is not such a drama, one can simply copy and paste, but how can I cure this ailment?

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Hmmm... IE didn't like me right-clicking and saving, so I opened one. For some reason, your script is all on one line. Thus, if anyone else wants to use it, they have to manually make new lines (or risk the entire script being seen as a comment).

For simplicity, I recommend you zipping up the files (or whatever the Macs do). Or even easier, submit your scripts to a script database (I think there's a Lyceum based one).

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That would be the Codex.

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