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AuthorTopic: move_to_new_town problems
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So, after playing around with a few different concepts, I have suddenly found problems with the move_to_new_town call. I gather from reading the other threads that others have experienced these problems, too.

In essence, the code is inserted into a script, like a special encounter. Instead of transporting the party to the new town, it crashes, and shuts down BoA.

Anybody know how to avoid this bug?

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move_to_new_town can only be called from a state that the party actually steps on, not a START_STATE, etc.

Make sure you check that you are indeed placing the party in a valid town.

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Also, I think move_to_new_town calls the EXIT_STATE and INIT_STATE in the town you leave from and the town you enter, respectively. So it might be worth checking that nothing in those states is causing the crash.

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I've never seen move_to_new_town by itself cause a crash that kills BoA. Normally when one uses it improperly, it functions like an "end": it stops running script. This lends support to wz. arsenic's point.

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Do you get some sort of error message? An unhandled exception or something? I may have had a similar situation once but I no longer have that problem.


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My thanks to you, wz. arsenic... as you pinpointed my problem precisely. I had suspected that the move_to_new_town call used the EXIT_STATE of the town you are in, but I had no idea that it also used the INIT_STATE of the town you are moving to. Turns out I was missing a ; in my INIT_STATE of the new town.

Strange, though, that I received no error messages when activating the move_to_new_town script from my special encounter. It simply shut down the game. It would be nice if it gave an error message, like undefined town, or something like that, and the encounter didn't work, instead.

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Missing semicolons are tricky things, and BoA isn't very good at recognising them -- instead, it processes everything after the missing semicolon in weird and inappropriate ways. In some cases, it gives an error message that's likely to be confusing or misleading; in other cases, like yours, it causes a crash.

You might want to consider getting Alint and using that to check your scripts. It's somewhat better at giving accurate messages than BoA is, and using it is less tedious than exhaustive playtesting to root out script errors.

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