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AuthorTopic: Outdoor encounters
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Hey there

Can someone please explain to me how to make outdoor encounters? I've tried the editor docs, looking at existing scenarios and just about everywhere on this website and I can't find any simple step by step instructions anywhere.
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it really depends on what you want to do. here are two outdoor encounters you can make, you choose what you want.

1) Outdoor encounters with special nodes. these are just with the special node rectangles (the blue rectangles) and you refer to a script state.

2) The other outdoor encounter with monsters (wandering, preset encounters etc.). This probably what you mean. First choose the encounter you want from the outdoors menu. Then you get a screen, where you choose the monsters and the like. i recommend first choosing a monster. Click on the button "choose." now select a monster and click on Okay. Now, set the number of that monster to appear in the field next to it (the field which says "0." Make this a number of 1 and higher). Now, I say choose the starting location. These are just X and Y coordinates. you can find these at the bottom of the editor screen, at the bottom right corner. See that "X = ..., Y = ..."? That's the coordinates of the center square. using this, choose a square, and fill it in the "starting location" boxes of the encounter dialog box. Now you should have a SDF to eliminate the encounter whne you've beaten the monsters. Choose something like 100,0 (I usually tend to use a SDF in which you can see the coordinates of the outdoor section. So outdoor section X = 2 and Y = 3 has SDF 123,0 and so on).

Now you have a outdoor monster encounter. look up the space in which you placed the monsters, and you should see the monsters (only with outdoor special encounters you usually don't see the monsters. I think that's only with outdoor preset encounters).

I hope I helped you with this. if not, reply to ask more. We'll always be here to help you.

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