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No, this time I don't have problems.

inspired by an earlier topic about this, I would like to ask everybody if he/she would care to give a look ay my custom graphics. They aren'y very ugly (accept one), but I would just like to see what multiple people think of the graphics. In about a week or so I'll look who wants to see them, and I'll send you the graphics (that'll be on the 4th of september, i think).

One thing though you'll have to consider before posting your email: These graphics are still in a phase where I'm wotking on them, and They WOULDN'T be released for the public until my scenario is finished, which'll be in about half a year or so. So please, if you would like to see them and I send them eventually to you, don't start using them or modifying them yourself. Instead, post a reply or send an email, and throw the graphics of your hard disk. (I'll eventually post them on the Louvre, don't worry).

Thanks, anyway.

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