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I need some grpahics for characters and stuff. I managed (just about) to make walls and stuff, but I'm no good at characters. I need the graphics for:

A guard,
An Archer,
A Crossbowman,
A soldier with sword,
A soldier with pike,
An Elite Soldier (My version of an Empire Dervish).

Cavalier (stronger looking picture of knight)
Paladin (Stronger looking picture of Cavalier)

The lower classes, soldiers and archers and guards do not wear metal armour and shields etc, the best they can hope for is leather and wood.

The Upper classes, knights, elite soliders, cavaliers and paladins all wear metal armour and shields etc.

I hope someone is willing to make these graphics. Also, these people should have this symbol burnsihed onto their shields (or carved if wooden shields, for lower classes).


Sorry if you can't see the image. It's a bmp file. My computer's been acting up a bit. I'll try to post a JPG up as well.

EDIT: Added Jpeg (Right)


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