Am I missing something? (food items)

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AuthorTopic: Am I missing something? (food items)
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In the "Item, Special Item and Gold Calls" section we have:

short has_item_of_class(short which_class,short take_item)

I'm saying that JV needs to add a complimentary call like this:

short has_item_of_variety(short which_variety,short take_item)

so that we can just directly check for food (or weapons, or armor, or whatever), without all the special class rigamarole or the expensive item by item check to see if there's anything that matches.


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Yeah... Drakefyre, as long as they didn't make custom food in another scenario, it would work fine.

There is a call that determines an item's variety? Good, good...

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No there isn't, he just wants there to be one.

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