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I notice people using question = "Name"; This is supposed to be the creature name, and you stick this in the first node of the the dialogue. However, it is pointless. The creature's name is always loaded into the dialog. The game doesn't even look at that piece of code when inserting the creature name.

What good is it?

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As far as I know, none. But then, I include "condition = 1" even though it's completely superfluous.

The docs recommend that you include the "name = [character name]" line, which is the only reason that I do it, really. If anyone can come up with a reason not to do it, I probably will stop.

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Has anybody tried changing it? Putting something like

question = "Eugene"; when the creature's real name is William? Would it work? If it did, it could be useful for disguised creatures or some such.

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Doesn't work. Besides, you can change a creature's name.

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