Daily schedules for NPCs?

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AuthorTopic: Daily schedules for NPCs?
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In most RPGs (in all the RPGs I know, at least) most NPCs don't have any kind of daily schedule. For example, shops are open 24/7, people wander the streets at any time of day or night, etc.

I realize this is an abstraction of reality, one of many that are common in RPGs. But, though I think some abstraction is useful (because is helps avoid micromanagement), I think towns would look more 'alive' if the NPCs went around purposefully following a daily routine. I think this could be done to some extent in BoA.

What do you think? is this kind of thing worth the trouble?

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It would be a nice touch. Not necessary, but nice.

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I seem to recall someone discussing this before and concluding that it would be a lot of work. NPCs have to intelligently open doors, react to the party blocking their path and do a bunch of other complicated things.

The lazy way to do it, providing most of the realism without the hard work, is to have one group of NPCs that's erased if the party enters town during the day and a different group that's erased if the party enters town at night. Unless the party spends an awfully long time in town, this should work well enough.

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