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AuthorTopic: Help Calling "Specials"
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Couple of questions, separated into calling "specials" (as the editor calls them) a.k.a. script states, in town and outdoors.

First--I'm able to call script states in town when the characters *walk through* them. I can get dialog messages to pop up, but I've had trouble making other things happen. For instance, I set up a little resting function. The party approaches a bed, gets the dialog choice to rest or not, but whatever I choose, it won't rest the party. Also, I'm still not able to set up a call when the party *looks* at an item, i.e. a chest, to give them, say, a special item.

Second, I can't even get a call to print dialog, from a field I set up outdoors.

Any advice anybody can give after my muddled explanation up there is appreciated.
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You may want to post the troublesome scripts here, or it will be difficult for anyone to help. The proper call to go to another state is


Perhaps you're using set_state(state), which is more suited for use in terrain and creature scripts?

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Note that run_dialog is a SHORT, not a VOID. That means it's a number. If you want to make it do something, you have to do something like this:

choice = run_dialog(1);
if (choice == 1)
If you want something that responds when the party searches, use the script specobj.txt, which is included in virtually every scenario released so far.

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Oh, excellent! Thanks, Kelandon! This is exactly what I needed... Heh... must've overlooked it somewhere in the documentation...

Thanks again. I'll work out what all the particulars in that script are, but it looks like I have a feel for it.

EDIT: Okay, I got the special item addition to work. But I'm still fuzzy on how to get a dialog choice to work. I looked at the docs, and I'm not clear on what code to put in after the run_dialog command. I know that the choice the player makes is returned *somewhere,* but I don't know how to make different things happen depending on that choice.

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