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Could someone sen me a list of the numbers for the add a item in thew advance featers of the character editor??????????
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Open up corescendata.txt in your data folder and search for the appropriate item.

Or you could download the editor and open up a new scenario and look at the nice lists present there.

There might be an actual compiled list of items somewhere, but it really isn't necessary because these resources are already available in their raw form.

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Or take a look at eriks cookbook !
There are full lists of items, charakters, floors...
And many other needful things.

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This question has been asked and answered dozens of times before. Before you ask a question, do a quick check over old threads to see if it has been asked before (at least within the past month). The boards have a search feature to make this easier.

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I did look but didnt see anything. Plus i havent ordered the game yet i just have the demo. The book doesnt help at all really.
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How about this. Go to the Scenario Editor. Enter town mode. Look at the item list. Problem solved.
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