Possible adjustment to basicnpc

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AuthorTopic: Possible adjustment to basicnpc
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I noticed in ZKR that Crotho in Morog's Labs walks into the death beams and gets damaged. If you wait around long enough, he kills himself. He uses the default script, basicnpc, so this would happen with any NPC near beams that can be walked through.

I suspect this is bad.

Of course, we could just make those spaces blocked to NPC's, but I would think that we could make some addition to basicnpc that would prevent this. I haven't looked at how to do it yet, but I wanted to bring it up, mainly because changing basicnpc is akin to writing a new version of the editor. Can/should we alter basicnpc so that this doesn't happen? Or should we just work around this?

(I actually don't have an opinion, yet. Just wanted to have some discussion.)

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I don't think this can be done in a general sense; there is no call to determine if a beam is on a specific space.

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Change basicnpc all you want - it's the default script for all monsters in the scenario you're writing - there's nothing sacred about it.

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