"Unknown Command" Error?

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AuthorTopic: "Unknown Command" Error?
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I'm getting an unknown command error in one of my town dialogue scripts. The unknown command is the word "could." I know that the problem is in two new talknodes (besides which, I've only used that word four times in my entire town dialogue script, so it wasn't hard to narrow it down).

The problem is, I have quotation marks around this piece of dialogue. I have deleted and completely retyped both nodes in question. I can post the script (and will, probably, as soon as the first person to reply says, "I don't know, post the script").

My *real* question is... what's wrong, here? Had I *missed* some quotation marks, a semicolon, anything, I'd just slap my forehead and conclude that I was being stupid. But this... it mystifies me.

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Might you have a stray double-quote somewhere earlier in the file?

If so, you should consider using an editor with syntax coloring in the future.

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I don't think that another double-quote would be the trouble...

Come to think of it, I *could* actually use a link or something to find some of these neat text editor programs other people have got. I heard that BBEdit lite might be a good choice, as it correctly identifies line numbers in the text. I don't know.

I'll look at the script, but I don't think that's the problem. Thank you for helping, though.

EDIT : Bloody genius! Thank you! I solved my problem... What happened was that on a previous dialogue line, instead of a close quotation (*"), I hit a parenthesis, thus making one continuous command string. Thanks again!

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