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AuthorTopic: Need help with Outdoor Wandering
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I'm trying to create a group of merchants that wanders outdoors and does not attack you when you encounter them. I can't get them to not to attack my party, I don't know what else I should add. Here's the code: (very simple)

beginstate 10;



I also set the present encounter to run this state.

What else should I add??

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Assuming you put a semicolon to terminate the outdoor_enc_result(1) command line, you'd probably have to list the error message you got for more help. If you don't have an error message, it is because you don't have anything else after state 10, do you?

By the way, do you have all the mandatory states (START and INIT) in your outdoor script?

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Nevermind, I rewrote the code and the problem has been fixed. Strange though, I checked all those things you listed, and none of them seems to be the source of the problem, up to this point, I still can't quite figure out what caused the problem... wierd.
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