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AuthorTopic: Player input?
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Am I correct that there is no way to capture input from the player for subsequent use?

The get_text_response(str) just stores a string for later comparison using check_text_response(str). In other words, we can only ckeck if the response matches a predetermined string. Is that all we have available?


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You might try to set a Stuff Done Flag if you get the desired input with check_text_response call. Then later, if you want to check if they had gotten the correct response earlier, you can just have it check that SDF.

EDIT: But if you want to actually store a specific string of text for later use, I don't know a way of doing it.

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You could encode the string into a series of SDFs using some kind of cryptography algorithm. This is just a matter of transforming the string of characters into a string of numbers, then storing those numbers in some ingenious way. How many different values can an SDF take?

It might take a lot of SDFs to store any kind of long string, but it's theoretically doable.

EDIT: I just re-read this and realized I'm completely wrong. Unless you have some way of actually examining the contents of the input string (beyond a simple boolean comparison with some other string), then this won't work.

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Yup, unfortunately VOID get_text_response(char top_text) doesn't return anything so you can't make a string to copy it. Unless you study the actual coding and find the actual variable used to store the array of characters, then you might be able to make a copy and save it as a global or pointer or whatever but whether this messes up everything I have no idea.

I think this is the call but I'm not sure. Check keydlgs.c for actual coding. Theres a lot of unknowns in its coding so I'm not giving any more suggestions. void get_str_dlog(char *start_str,char *header_str,char *response,Boolean string_string = FALSE);

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Thanks K., I believe you've found the right function, and it can easily be made to return a string value etc - the problem of course is that BoA won't recognize it. I really do wish we had some user input :-(.

Thanks to all.

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We can use get_buffer_text(strvar). Of course, this is just to manipulate the str buffer and perhaps extend it a bit.

Why no capturable user input?


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