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I just decided that I want to make a scenario, and i pretty much have the plot written down. How long does it take to make a scenario? It seems really tough. Im probably a complete fool, but when you type in the W and the H for the outdoors (upon creating a new scenaro) what numbers are you supposed to put in so that you get a fairly medium to large outdoor game? It always get an error if i put in anything larger than 9 by 9. and..9 by 9 is very small.
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The time you take to make a scenario will obviously depend on how large it is; it could be anything from a couple of weeks to a year or more. For a medium to large-sized scenario, expect to be working on it at least an hour a day for a few months.

The numbers you put in for the outdoor dimensions are the number of outdoor SECTIONS, not spaces. An outdoor section is pretty big; err on the side of a smaller outdoors rather than a larger one. A 2x2 outdoors is probably more than enough for a small to medium-sized scenario, as long as you make it compact. Even a largish scenario shouldn't need much more than 5x5, and you probably won't end up using all of that. You can always make a large outdoors and wall the bits you don't use off with mountains, of course.

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9x9 is 81 outdoor sections. At the Gallows is a massive scenario, and it has only 36.

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hmmm...well i must be doing something wrong because i made a 9 by 9 and didnt build anything just to test it. I played the scenario and my party could only wander around on a pretty small block of land. I didn't even take up more than one screen on the automap. on the edges there were just these walls ....

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Every direction was walled off? Weird.

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