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AuthorTopic: Blades of Avernum's Iron modder
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I was scouring the front page for info about Blades of Avernum and discovered that big competition for scenario editing for next year. I only just found out about Spiderweb games so I dont know much about the scenario editor for Blades of Avernum, but I was wondering if it was possible of doing competition like this ever 1 or 2 months depending on popularity:

It's a Baldurs gate 2 four hour/day competition (similiar to the popular cooking show the Iron Chef) where they have to make an interesting mod from scratch in that time period following a selected theme from the person who runs it. I'm not sure if this is possible to do with Blades of Avernum editor but it would be interesting if it could be done.


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Well, the difference is that a BoE scenario has to be a more or less complete story, while a BG2 mod works in with the rest of the larger game.

Still, we've had two Short Scenario Competitions for BoE, which occurred over the span of but a month or so.
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Well, if someone DOES take the Iron Modder idea and runs with it, it would be quite cool. Be sure to let me know if it happens and I'll point people in the direction of wherever it is.
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