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AuthorTopic: About *shudder?* group work
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Sooo. I'm an experienced dice-n-paper game designer, a graphical designer, and a writer. Scripts, however, are greek to me. I'd think it could be pretty funny if a couple of us could get together for a scenario, even if we're not quite aiming to win the contest but just to have fun and teach each other some tricks. Anyone interested?
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Be aware the project may well never be completed. Just a warning.

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Well on the one hand, we'd pair up fairly well. I can pick up scripting languages fairly quickly (This one too I'm sure. I just haven't tried yet.) I have an rough idea for a plot outline. And I can't draw for the life of me. :P

On the other hand, like people keep saying, It's hard to coordinate and motivate. Especially the motivation part for me.

It does sound like fun though. I dunno. I'm too tired to make good decisions. I've been up all night killing the undead. (fun quest btw)
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Soon, as people start working on and completing scenarios, more scripts will be available on SW's site (specifically, here ), and you can just edit some Memory Cells to get your desired effect. So you don't have to be a coder to make scenarios.

Just understanding how to use Memory Cells is a bit complicated in itself, but it's not nearly as bad as trying to write the scripts directly. I highly recommend trying it; collaborations are hard. And for the time being, while no scripts are up on the site, you can use Jeff's scripts that come with the game.

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