Can't turn on Debug Mode?

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AuthorTopic: Can't turn on Debug Mode?
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In the docs it says that the call turn_on_debug_mode() should activate debug mode... But when I try to use it I get the error: "Unknown command turn_on_debug_mode in line 29." This is using Mac version 1.1.

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Perhaps you have to put it in the scenario START_STATE?

Once turn_on_debug_mode() has been called, you need to activate it by pressing } and =.

Apparently still annoying.
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No, I've gotten the same error. Unknown command! The game doesn't even know what it is supposed to mean, so of course pressing those keys won't make any difference. And if it were in th wrong script, it would give a different error or none at all. For example, run_town_script produces an error something like:

run_town_script can't be called from a scenario script

or, move_to_new_town in a creature script does nothing and produces no error. But turn_on_debug_mode is nonsense to the game's Avernumscript interpreter, hence the error.

I want turn_on_debug_mode!

I've also tried pressing those keys without calling turn_on_debug_mode, and it doesn't work.

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I have the same problem - working on Windows 98SE. It just gives me an error. If anyone knows how to fix it could you please email me how it works. FOR WINDOWS please, I don't neeed to know how to make Mac's work.

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I don't think anyone can make debug mode work. It seems to be just plain broken.

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