Should the text be mac or pc formated?

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AuthorTopic: Should the text be mac or pc formated?
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I'm using Vim so I can use either easily but I was wondering if it would be good to pick one or the other? If it was me I'd choose Mac because its only one character for the end of line instead of two.
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I assume you're talking about the script files.

As far as I know, you don't really need any line breaks at all, as long as commands are separated by semicolons. (If someone knows differently, please correct me!) I'm pretty sure carriage returns, line feeds, tabs, and spaces (outside of a command) are ignored by the engine, except when an error gives you the line number for the script.

So, basically, use whichever you wish. (Mac formatting works for me, and I'm on a Mac)

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Depending on what text editor you look at the files you don't see any line breaks and funny control characters instead. Thats why I asked. Its a formating issue more then a will it work issue.

Most mac text editors handle pc text files fine but not so much the other way around.
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I believe WordPad will be able to format the files correctly. If not that, I find Crimson Editor to be a good tool. I'd say to go with Mac formatting for that reason if you really doesn't make a difference, though.

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I have BBEdit (on a Mac) set to use Unix line endings by default, and it works just fine. So yeah, I'd guess line endings just don't make any difference.

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There's also GVim (VIM For windows, get 'GUI Executable')

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