A Quick Note About Graphics

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AuthorTopic: A Quick Note About Graphics
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To all artists out there - when you create a custom graphic, don't save it in jpeg format. When saving in jpeg, the format doesn't care whether all the colours are correct, just as long as it gets most of them right, or so Khoth informs me.

The problem arises when you try to place these graphics into BoA. The editor does not make a pixel white unless the actual pixel is pure white. If it's nearly white, the pixel will appear on the screen.

This leads to graphics that look terrible, as you have loads of white looking pixels ruining the effect of the graphic. I just spent about twenty minutes correcting the Ice Demon graphic because it was saved in jpeg form.

Just thought I'd better warn people from falling into similar problems.
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The reason why people save the files in JPG instead of the correct BMP is that BMP files takes a lot more web space. People who wants to put their graphics on a website will have trouble if they use a lot of custom graphics.

Still, the JPG images is not enought exact, as you say. So we will have to use BMP. It might be added that it has nothing to do with the BoA editor, so don't bother sending messages to Jeff telling him to "fix" it. It's a unavoidable problem.

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For posting them on the web, GIF will work, as will PNG as well. Any format that's "lossless" (and JPG is "lossy") is fine. For use in your scenario, yes, they will have to be BMP (on Windows) or PICT resources (on Mac).

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If your JPEG editor has the ability, save at 100% compression - this actually means NO compression, so you can have a "lossless" JPEG file.

Of course, the file will be bigger. :(

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Just use a PNG, if you can.

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