Life's too short for a set time limit.....

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AuthorTopic: Life's too short for a set time limit.....
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Ok, how do I remove the pesky time limit on Za-Khazi Run? I am not the kind of person who likes to be rushed through a senario. I like to explore. Is it necessary to change the dialogues to keep the game from crashing? I tried using the character editor to change the day but it apparently has no effect. Assistance will be appreciated.
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Quick checking suggests that probably you just need to open the scenario with the scenario editor, go to the Scenario menu, select the option "Set Variable Town Entry", and change the first row of entries from "21 100 0" to look like the others, "-1 0 0".

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There's no real rush, though. The time limit is actually a pretty loose one, and allows for quite long sessions of total sidetracking.
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Depends on how slow an explorer you are. I know I exceeded the time limit when I played, though I had no trouble when I changed the day from day ten back to day one in the editor.


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By struggling through multiple saves multiple times, and forsaking rest, Nalyd managed to get everything done on time. Took forever, though.

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