Changing Creature Definitions

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AuthorTopic: Changing Creature Definitions
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When I change cr_default_attitude, new creatures have the new default attitude, but creatures that have already been placed in the Editor has the old default attitude. I can understand why it's like this (the Editor doesn't have a 'default' choice for attitudes), but I'd like to know if there are any other creature definition changes that don't affect old creature instances. I made the bulk of this scenario two years ago with the intention that I'd leave all the definition fine-tuning last.

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I'd assume that default creature scripts behave the same way.

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Everything else should reload just fine.

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Only things that you can set in the editor, so I suppose te_default_script falls into this category as well. Also I'll point out that I've had problems with placing a monster and subsequently altering it's default script, but the script remains as the old default from when I first placed it rather than the new default, even though the creature's script still says 'Default'. I think 'Reload Scenario Script' will fix this?

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