Back up Avernum data file

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AuthorTopic: Back up Avernum data file
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For everyone who has to e-mail Spiderweb to get there code for free I have some advice Back up the Avernum data file. The file isn’t that big it’s only 30 bytes if your using Windows XP it goes by the file name Avernum2.dat (the data file has a difference name in each Avernum game like in Avernum 3 the data file would be named Avernum 3.dat)copy the file to a floppy disk, Flash disk drive ECT then go to and download one of the game in the Avernum series REMEMBER YOU MUST HAVE REGISTER THE GAME FRIST BEFORE YOU DO THIS, ALSO MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT AVERNUM DATA FILE. To depending the Avernum game the data file should work for that game trust me it works. Now for the people who are using vista when you enter the folder look for the button compatibility files click that button will see the data file. After you did that install the game then copy the data file into the folder (remember if you using vista click the compatibility files button copy it there, you don’t have to e-mail spiderweb software to ask them for a brand new code.
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On a Mac it's the Avernum/Geneforge/Nethergate/Exile Preferences file and you need to move it to the appropriate Preferences folder.

—Alorael, who believes Jeff has been fairly forthright about this. He does tell everyone to back up the file upon registration, doesn't he? At the very least it's on the website.
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Originally written by Hyper Sonic:

Back up the Avernum data file.
Obviously good advice, though I've been doing that type of thing since I bought the Exile trilogy back in 2000 or so. Also, as I've said in previous threads, I buy the registered versions on CD, just in case I misplace the dozen or so copies I make of the file.

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