Avernum 2 stuff to save

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AuthorTopic: Avernum 2 stuff to save
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For some reason, I've never sat down and played through Avernum 2. One of the things that always frustrates me is getting to a late point in the game and finding out that I should have been saving some trivial item that I'd been selling all along, and that is now of critical importance. I'm not a big walkthrough user for these types of games, but I did like how in Schrodinger's walkthrough for A4 there was a nice list of stuff to hang onto, whether for later nice selling prices or for quests. Anyone care to put together such a list for this game?
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This is a partial list.

Wine (no idea what type): Fort Remote
Ore Sacks: Dharmon
Sack o' Meal: Harston
Empire Records: Castle
Cheap Wine: Fort Dranlon
Sugar: Silvar (I only ever found one bag of sugar, but I hear there are about three)
Healing Herbs: Formello
Iron Bars: Fort Draco

Also, I think there are three quests (Castle, Egli, and one other place, I think) which ask for Drake teeth and only two instances of the item, so choose wisely. I also remember a mage who wanted a Red Lizard Egg, but only one. I never found a use for Drake Eggs or Aranea Fangs.

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Note that the healing herbs and iron bars quest only apply to Chapter 1--once the barriers come down, the quests end. Also, for the quests involving wine, both "cheap wine" and "jug of cheap wine" will work. Anything else won't, however.


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Thanks, guys. Oddly, based on my experience with other Spiderweb games, I'd been saving the ore and meal anyway. Wine I already knew about, and the rest I haven't seen yet. So, I'm good. Thanks again.
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