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AuthorTopic: Provide or Hide Character Details
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I am playing A1 (and really enjoying it).

I just fired up A4 for the first time (only the character generation section) to take a look at it.

The graphics are definitely improved.

However, in another respect I think the program took a major move in the wrong direction (potentially eliminating one of the big attractions of Avernum for me).

In A1, the character generation and leveling interfaces specify the effects of attributes on
skills ( e.g., a skill is specified as having a base value of (STR+DEX)/3 ).

In A4, this information is not provided.

For me, making use of this information during character creation and leveling is part of the fun.

As for the "special traits", I'd prefer more specifics there also.

I don't take any special traits because I have no details on which to make a decision.

A trait improves accuracy with a bow? OK, BY HOW MUCH?

Give me an equation, an algebraic expression, a ratio, something.

From my perspective, there is no basis at all for deciding whether to take a particular trait

Well, I suppose one could assume that the game designers have done a good job with game balance in creating the character traits - and choose traits based on liking the idea or feel of a trait name.

However, for me part of the fun is in deciding whether a tradeoff (e.g., experience
adjustment vs other effects) is worthwhile.

In some cases, there seems little basis for doing so without trait detials.

For traits for which the only effect is to add specific abilities to a character, one can check
the abilities menu for the character and make a decision from that (if one is willing to assume
that the added abilities are the only effects of the trait).

I realize that this is a personal preference issue.

People probably have one of three positions on the matter:

1) Please show me the "under the hood" details ( formula or whatever ). I want to know. I enjoy
understanding them, and/or they are helpful in building my character.

2) Please hide the details. I specifically want them to remain unknown. It's part of the mystery
that appeals to me.

3) I don't care about the details. Provide them for those who like them, but I doubt I'll pay
attention to them.

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Some of the information you want is available in topics on special abilities. Each game in the series has slightly different results for using special abilities. In the early games you get abilities that you can use once per day while in later games you get special skills before you could train for them when you raise certain skills.
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A trait improves accuracy with a bow? OK, BY HOW MUCH?
In the trilogy, bows skills increase accuracy by five percent. Sharpshooter, on the other hand, increases damage and does little to accuracy.

I'm actually not sure about Sharpshooter increasing accuracy or not, but I think it doesn't.

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