Crystals (what are they good for)

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AuthorTopic: Crystals (what are they good for)
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Regarding crystals, I don't know how they're used.

I have a feeling that at some point an NPC discussed crystals, and I failed to record the coversation in my journal.

I've collected two crystals thus far.

Should I know what to do with them at this point in the story?
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Assume you are talking about Avernum 1.

There are six crystals to collect, and when you have them all, you go to a little cave hidden in the rocks north of Cotra. You use them to repair the cave and then it becomes a place you can go to heal and refresh periodically.

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I guess I'd best stop using the crystals to crack nuts with (I'm not refering to a genital-based attack).

Yes, I was talking about A1 (I was tired when I posted).

Thanks Micawber!
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Funny, I don't recall finding the sixth crystal. I cheated via the editor.

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One crystal is on the west side of the river with a dragon that wants food. This usually gets missed.
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