A1: Which items do I need to keep for future quests, etc?

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AuthorTopic: A1: Which items do I need to keep for future quests, etc?
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Which items do I need keep for future quests and sidequests? Is there a list somewhere online? I couldn't find one. :)

Also, is there armor and weapon making in A1 like there is in A4? If so, which items do I need?

Thank you.

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I don't know of any complete list of items for quests in A1-3. A3 was the first game to introduce any sort of crafting, and it comes only in the form of item augmentation platforms. You don't need to amass any particular materials, just good gear that's worth adding extra bonuses to.

—Alorael, who liked those platforms and was sorry to see them disappear in A4.
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Here is Tyranicus' A1 quest list. There are quite a few items-for-gold quests on there.


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thank you for the replies, somnosis and dikiyoba!

happy holidays! :D
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Well you obviously need to keep the Orb Of Thranali, And I reccomend that you keep any magical weapons. I use the brigand fort for dumping stuff off, There is a storage room (In the northeast corner of the fort) that you can only get in to by slipping through a wall from the south side of that room. (That is, Unless you have unlock doors level 3) That is where I put all my stuff.

You should keep demonslayer. It comes in very handy.
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