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Hey I need some help finding some level three spells I’ve beaten the game already so here I go. For the shielding spell, well I already unlocked two spell books in the tower of magi the third however I can’t unlocked if anyone know how to unlock that book please let me know. For the Safe travel level 3 spell my hintbooklet says that it’s in the lair of Motrax one question WERE in the lair of Motrax is it I can’t find it can someone tell me were it is. Lastly Return life My hintbooklet says that it in the giant’s cave unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to look around but if you know were this spell is please let me know ok.
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This sounds like Avernum 2.

For shielding L3 in the Tower of Magi, you need to give a black drake fang to Vincent. There are three quests for a black drake fang but only two fangs, so you need to choose wisely.

For safe travel L3 in Motrax's Cave, you need to search for secret passages in the Magi clearance section (near Linda) and it's behind a magic barrier so Dispel Barrier needed.

As for return life L3 in the Giant's Cave, first check you are in the giant's cave and not the village. The spell is in a box in a secret room immediately west of the giant's shrine in the NW corner of town. Try the far sight spell in the shrine if you can't find it.

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Once I'd beaten the game I instantly caved to using the game editor (or whatever it's called) for this sorta thing so I guess you're doing better than me. I just felt since I'd beaten the game I may as well get it.
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