Escape Avernum (A1)

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AuthorTopic: Escape Avernum (A1)
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I need help getting out of avernum.
Do I need to kill grah-hoth? (was that spelled right?)
How do i get onyx scepter?
And i got 1 part of password to escape but were is the others?
And do i need the thralni orb?
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Killing Grah-hoth involves first freeing him from his prison, then following him north to fight him in his home to the northeast. You'll need to find the blessed athame in the Tower of Magi. It's also near where the onyx scepter is being guarded by a major demon.

The password to escape is in three parts. Erika will tell you to go to Athron for one part, Aimee in the Norhtern Isles has one, and Patrick has the last part.

You need the Orb to do Erika's little quest and to reach certain places like Grah-Hoth's final fortress. Unless you can walk on air.
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There are three major quests in A1. Escaping from Avernum is one, and killing Grah-Hoth is another. You don't have to do the latter to complete the former.

—Alorael, who actually thinks it would be interesting to do only one quest and completely avoid the other two branches. Interesting and probably very hard.
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