A2 shareware barrier

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AuthorTopic: A2 shareware barrier
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Where is the shareware barrier supposed to be in A2? I have an idea that I may have tunneled through it.

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Mainly, it prevents you from entering the vahnatai's portal back to Avernum. It also prevents you from exploring from some vahnatai lands.

If you use the character editor to get back to Avernum, you can only explore a few sections beyond where the barriers used to be and can't enter any towns.

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Thanks. It seems, alas, that the shareware barrier is intact. I saw some pop-up about a shareware demon as I crossed a bridge into the Vahnatai lands, but it disappeared too quickly to read. I thought maybe it was the barrier itself, but evidently it was just a warning that the barrier was near. It's remarkable how much there is in the A2 demo; even the cool Dark Waters chapter.

I don't say 'alas' because I begrudge Jeff his money, but because I can't really afford any more nights where I stop playing A2 at 4 AM. It would probably have happened again last night, even though I'm just about out of things to try in the demo, except for a providential kernel panic around 1 AM, after which I looked at the time. The barrier is too convenient a stopping point to ignore, so good sense gets to triumph for once. Maybe I'll take A2 up again in the summer. After Nethergate: Resurrection I've gotten over my distaste for the Avernum graphics, and the games seem to be pretty good.

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