Avernum joinable NPC's

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AuthorTopic: Avernum joinable NPC's
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Played around with the Avernum 1 demo today, and noted a guy called Jay who offered to join up (No room for him though).

How many Joinable NPC's are there in the Avernums? Is it easy enough to make a decent party of them if you only create one character? It surprised me when I found this guy, so thought I would ask here and see what others knew and thought.
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There are four in Avernum 1. More description is available here.

There are also four in A2. More description of them is available here, under "Hints."

And there's four in A3, too. You can find out about them via the GameFAQs page linked in the board header.

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Yes, you can make a pretty good party from the jonable NPCs; I've done this myself a few times in the full version. As for the number of said NPCs, I think Kelandon's right, but I'm too lazy to check.

Personally, I'd rather just make my own set of custom PCs and be done with it; there's a lot more you can do that way than with the joinables.

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