Avernum 1 and/or 2 for free??

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AuthorTopic: Avernum 1 and/or 2 for free??
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I know this is probably a stupid question, or maybe not....
But anyway, is there any chance either of those two games will become freeware or no? Maybe not old enough yet?

I only ask because I have not lots of cash on hand at the moment...
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No, but you can get the entire trilogy on CD for $45.

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Well, that is sound much better..thanks Dikiyoba
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Counting on Spiderweb games becoming freeware is a losing proposition. Even Exile 1 still isn't freeware and it was released in 1994. You can't even buy it individually now (Exile Trilogy CD only), but it's not free.

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I e-mailed Jeff Vogel, asking if BoE would become free- or abandonware with the release of its source. He said he was far too busy with other projects to consider this right now.

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Originally written by Upon a fallen pillar walking:

Jeff has to put food on his family somehow.
Quoted for posterity.

There is simply too much of an audience for Exile and Avernum for Jeff to let any of them go yet.

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Hmm...maybe in three years theyll cool down a little bit :)
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Not likely.


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