Do you play music when playing Avernum?

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AuthorTopic: Do you play music when playing Avernum?
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:D If you own Bionicle Heroes for PS2 and are in the mood for TERRIFYING Portals, Garzahds, Limoncellis, etc, try the Vezon boss music or second boss in a zone music on tape, put on cd playing in the background.

my way of recording it is to stay at the start of a level, with no effect sounds.

Dont blame me for mentioning a non-spidweb non-pc
game, blame sony+lego!!!

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I listen to Gameplay03.ogg and Wesnoth-2.ogg. These are used in the game Battle for Wesnoth. Just search in the folder called Battle for Wesnoth or Wesnoth or Wesnoth 1.2.0 or something for a music folder.

NOTE: Windows media player can't play *.ogg files so you must use VLC Media Player or JetAudio.
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I like my downbeat Rock and Hardcore music. Million Dead's melancholy and Reuben's energy (both local bands!) can create an atmosphere which reflects some of the darkness and exitement (read violence) in Avernum.

Then again, music does detract somewhat from my gaming experience, me not being a multitasker.

Edit: Add Biffy Clyro to the above two. Just cuz i like em.
And Mogwai, for that touch of the magical.

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Depends on my mood:
If I'm killing everything with Character Editor on I play Metal and Rock.
If I'm going along normally, doing quests, hurting only baddies & Empire I play Pop, Reggae, and other fun music.
If I'm playing without humans (Sith & Nepharim) I play Weird Al, Reggae, Folk.

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There is a soundtrack to so many moments of my life. Why should playing games be an exception? As with most moments, I listen to music of my choosing from my own collection...unless it's ambient/drone/techno/dub/groove fare from iTunes radio. No commercials. No annoying voices at all.


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iTunes has commercials on its classical radio. That makes me an unhappy camper.

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Originally written by jamesmcm:

Well, i never stop listening to Iron Maiden so...
Iced Earth is to Iron Maiden as extacy is to moderate joy.

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