Caves before Empire Portal

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AuthorTopic: Caves before Empire Portal
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From Schrodinger's walkthrough:

First go east through the secret passage and use move mountains, and hit the rune. Then go east, and get teleported to the beginning, and head east again. Go west and you'll be teleported to a new area, go east and hit the second rune.

Here's question: When I hit 1st rune there comes that msg saying you hear etc but if I go east (like S says) nothing else happens and if I go west I get teleported back to beg. like S says but where's that 2nd rune since there are only 2 routes to east and only rune I see is that which is behind that cracked wall. There is other teleportation place but that requires going in door and heading south. Portcullis in west at beg. ain't open either. What is right way?
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This cave is quite obnoxious, and unfortunately I can't help much more than that since it's been 4 years since I last played through this cave. I remember that you really have to look out for secret doors on the east wall to get through properly.

If it comes down to it, you can always use the fight-end cheat to advance yourself further along.

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If you blunder around long enough, you'll find the way through. Just get a pen and paper, and map out the room so you know what happens when you step on each space, you can soon figure out the way through there.

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So far I found when I wondered around blades (2 times), bazilisks and flame and those efreetis and that other teleport.
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It's a pain in the neck with the area damages and monsters, but you can get through it eventually. The second rune is on the west side, but to get to it is hard.
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Passed that cave finally after clicking that 1st (visible) rune and then going south from beg through door and then east and got teleported that small room and then clicked 2nd rune which opened that exit and of course got teleported back to beg and suffered only some burndamage and dumbfounding while heading to exit.

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