Disease in Avernum 2?

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AuthorTopic: Disease in Avernum 2?
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After leaving the Coven Cave I'm routinely getting a message about my charecter's hair falling out followed by some of them getting diseased, I thought it might be the dread curse but after getting it healed it continues to come up. It's really only an annoyance at this point since mass cure is cheap but if anyone knows what's going on I'd appreciate a way to fix it.

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I don't have A2 but I do have some advice. Do you have a hint book, did you try to fix it with the charcter editor or did you read the walkthrough? I know when my party gets diseased in A3 it means I could be carrying some uranium as this can lead to my party getting sick.
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You have the Pyrrhic Gauntlets. They provide nice a bonus, but they are cursed and make you sick every so often, so it's probably not worth it to wear them.

And if you just came out of Coven Cave, you might want to check to make sure you don't have the Dread Curse as well. It's not responsible for making you sick, though.

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Uranium bars also exist in A2 and do the same thing as in A3. If you don't have Pyrrhic gauntlets, drop (or decurse with a healer and sell) it. If you have Pyrrhic gauntlets, decurse them if you are wearing them and drop them.
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