How hard it it to beat Geneforge or Avernum games

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AuthorTopic: How hard it it to beat Geneforge or Avernum games
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Is it hard or easy or u don't thin either is hard

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What should I vote if I think one is harder than the other? :confused:
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Interesting. You've got a topic in General which belongs here and this topic here which belongs in General. ;)

As far as the poll goes, that's very, very general. I would have to go with them being equal, thought in Geneforge I do seem do die more often.

(Also, make spelling and grammar your friends. Or at least close acquaintances)

But I don't want to ride the elevator.
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Moving polls causes problems, so this will stay here.

—Alorael, who found Avernum easy and Geneforge extremely hard to beat without registering.
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It really depends upon the player. I've played in Torment mode and found that you can get through the games if you think a bit and take your time when playing the tough fights.

Geneforge is easier to die in and you have to stay in combat mode most of the time when exploring. Avernum is more forgiving of mistakes and lets you spend most of the time out of combat mode and just exploring.

Jeff thought Avernum 4 would require a team effort, but it's possible to play as a singleton. You can make the games as challenging as you want by choosing how to approach the games.
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