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AuthorTopic: A2 Walkthrough
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After returning 2 Crystal Souls, go back and go to the castle. Talk with King Micah to get permission to use demonslayer, then talk with Rone (you can not get demonslayer if you've already killed Garzahd). Go to Patrick's tower and push the plants in the NW quad then the statue.

How I push these plants and the statue?!?!

Demonslayer is your best bet against Garzahd, after arrows of light and bolts of life. Go there with having neither of those nor having repel spirit 3 WILL get you killed, if you're not a cheater.

How can I get the Demonslayer before killing Garzahd?!?!
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Click on the plants to open the path and the statue to move them.

Garzhad is usually the last battle of the game not because he is so hard, but you have to fight his minions. The Exile version was harder than Avernum in my opinion.
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Congratulations :)
But i'm in doubt again

1.I clicked the plant all way and didn't work...
2.The statue is fenced by water, how i reach it?
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Did you search it? You're supposed to get right next to it, then search it, if I recall correctly.

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All you have to do is approach it and you will be asked if you want to push the button. ;)
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