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I can't find the other scrap of vellum! Where is it?

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Originally written by Schrodinger:

Once you enter, you'll see lots of crystal coffins. Your job is to free the vahnatai inside. There are herbs outside of this building to the NE and SE. There are plenty of chitrach larvae, chitrach and null bugs here. In the NE there are some barriers. You can either walk through them or go north and use move mountains to get to the next room. This room has a chill charm, which is quite nice, given how few amulets you probably have. Continue south, and fight more bugs. You'll find a dead vahnatai with a scroll on it. Pick it up. Go down to the south, and open the door. Kill the larvae, and go west, kill the undead vahnatai, and check the cupboard. Now you have the second scroll. Now check the east wall of the main room for secret passages, and get up onto the platform. Use the code you've obtained to awaken the vahnatai (BLWLB). That's it for here.

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