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AuthorTopic: A3 Erika's Boon
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Just curious, what does accepting Erika's boon do for you in the long run?

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(SPOILER - Do not continue unless you want to know about the ending)

At the end, when you need to use a control panel, Erika keeps Rentar-Ihrno busy so she won't teleport you away when you get to the control panel. I believe Erika also burns gigantic holes in a series of walls to make it easier to get to Rentar-Ihrno's fortress, IIRC.

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It makes the end of the game slightly easier and lets you see a rather important piece of plot at the very end.

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By the end of the game, fatigue and boredom make you want it to end. There is nothing to do with all that treasure unless you use it in combat. The only nice part about the Exile 3 version was the graphics at the end.
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