AV1: Demonslayer pieces (The tip?)

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AuthorTopic: AV1: Demonslayer pieces (The tip?)
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Where is the tip? Been throughout the Slith temple, found the secret temple room, the level 3 magic book beyond barriers and the "secret" treasure room" on the top floor off of the main room; but no tip. What did I miss?
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All you'll find in the dark slith temple is the
blade - on the altar.

The tip is in the Crypt of Drath.

The pommel is in the Nepharim underground fort by the lake.

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Warning you only have one chance at getting the tip.


It happened to me and I had to start over

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Never mind; thanks for the quick response. In saving and loading, somehow I had forgotten to get the stone key by Motrax, so I was stuck on the first floor of the Crypt and was unable to get the tip; already had the blade and pommel.

Got the key; got the tip, now have the blade. Thanks again for your help, especially your "Avernum Gazetteer", Micawber. Great game.
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