The Crystal Cave (A1)

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AuthorTopic: The Crystal Cave (A1)
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Hey everyone,

Sorry to start off my posting with a cry for help, but I managed to stumble across the crystal cave (the one with the six missing Quartz Crystals) early in my adventures. I quickly found five of the crystals, but the sixth one is eluding me. I'm about to finish reforging Demonslayer and go kill me some demons, so I'm thinking I've just missed it somewhere. If anybody knows of the six locations, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could post 'em here.

Thanks! :D
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check A1 helppage... that will help u out.
This q. will be better answered if you tell me the exact locations of the other crystals you found

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Well, that's the problem. I've been playing the game in my free time over the past month, and I found five of the crystals within the first week. It's been so long that I've forgotten. I read in another post that one is found on or near a "dying drake." I think that might be the one I'm missing.

I know I've found one on an island near the cave, one in a cave on an island, one in a Slith village (I believe), and... well, those are the three I can remember. I may start a new game just to figure it out. :P

Thanks for the help!
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IIRC, there's one in the Chasm Drake's lair, southwest of Fort Remote.

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Wow... no wonder I haven't found it yet! I'll check that out soon--thanks!
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I think the chasm drake one is a "spare" crystal - there are actually 6 very close to the cavern itself. You've probably just missed a secret passage.

EDIT: If you're really stuck, buy the hint book.

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If you're really stuck, buy the hint book.

bad idea considering the walkthrough in gamefaqs or such.

and wath exactly do this caves?i found all the 6 crystals and irushed to the cave to put all the crystals in their posotion and won experience... :rolleyes: that is the only thing that the crystals do?
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There is a crystal NE of Fort Dranlon (you need to go by boat to get it).
And your party also gets +2 to Strength when you repair the crystal cave.
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You can get 8 crystals, but you only need 6. :confused: Here are the locations.
1-Island south of Cotra
2-Island SW of Cotra, and east of the Slith Island Fort. Hidden
3-Inside the Slith Island Fort.
4-Hungry drake in caves west of Slith Island Fort.
5-One of the camps when you kill all the sliths at the NE camp you find a crystal.
6-Altar NE of Fort Dranlon (already mentioned)
7-Aranea Cave
8-Chasm Drake's Lair (already mentioned)
There might actually be more or maybe that's it. hope this helps. :cool:

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